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Monday, December 8, 2014

Dorian Johnson Snags City Government Job in St. Louis

He deserves jail for perjury….not a job with the city WITH benefits!

Dorian Johnson—the witness who originally told police that 18-year-old Ferguson, MO resident Mike Brown had his hands up and pled with then-Officer Darren Wilson "Don't shoot"—snagged a temporary position, that pays around $8.50 an hour, working for the city of St. Louis, The St. Louis Dispatch reported. 

Brown was fatally shot by Wilson on August 9, and the incident, as well as the grand jury verdict to not indict Wilson, sparked riots in Ferguson on two separate occasions. The issue as to whether Brown actually had his hands up during the incident came into question when it was revealed that other witnesses, along with grand jury witnesses, contradicted the narrative altogether.

Johnson remained elusive during the final weeks of the grand jury deliberations, and his former lawyer Freeman Bosley Jr. was unavailable for comment immediately after businesses in Ferguson and Dellwood were vandalized, looted, and/or set on fire, but he told the Dispatch Johnson was looking for work and is happy to have a job.

Dorian Johnson Snags City Government Job in St. Louis
Tue, 09 Dec 2014 02:19:36 GMT


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