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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary scorched on 'SNL': 'My vice president will be me'


On the eve of Hillary Clinton’s presidential announcement, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” spoofed the former first lady in a skit focusing on her final preparations.

Hillary’s assistant, portrayed by Vanessa Bayer, suggests the former secretary of state record the video announcement on her phone to make it “more personal and intimate.”

Mrs. Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, gets more personal by removing her blue jacket, only to expose an exact replica underneath.

As Hillary does vocal exercises to warm up, she repeats the phrase, “First female president, me me me me me me me.”

On her first take in the video, Hillary looks fierce and menacing as she orders, ‘”Citizens, you will elect me, I will be your leader.”

Kate McKinnon portrays Hillary Clinton on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" April 11, 2015

Kate McKinnon portrays Hillary Clinton on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” April 11, 2015

When advised that she should avoid saying her own name, Hillary tries another take in which she boldly declares, “Hello, ’tis I, Hillary Clinton.”

“Don’t worry,” says Hillary’s assistant. “We’ll just delete that one off your phone.”

“I know a thing or two about that, right?” clowns Hillary.

Comedian Darrell Hammond then enters the scene as former President Bill Clinton, with possibly one of the funniest political jokes ever delivered on “SNL.”

“Hillary, isn’t it crazy that phones can take videos now?” Bill Clinton says. “I mean, if they could have done that in the ’90s, I’d be in jail.”

“Thanks, Bill. I love jokes about that,” responds Hillary. “Aren’t we such a fun, approachable dynasty?”

Bill also indicates, “I will be her VP, and if anything happens to her, God forbid, I will happily be president of the United States again. It’ll be Bill Clinton 2, bigger and blacker.”

Hillary responds that Bill is joking because “my vice president, of course, will be me.”

Hillary scorched on 'SNL': 'My vice president will be me'
Joe Kovacs
Sun, 12 Apr 2015 17:17:16 GMT


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