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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Holder Fast And Furiously Resigning...Bombshell Report

A few days ago, we all woke up to the wonderful news that  Attorney General Eric Holder was stepping down. Great! Fantastic! Wait...Why??? Because the judge ruled that there were to be no more delays. The documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious are to be handed over IMMEDIATELY! Not only will the documents show the hand Holder played in supplying Mexican Drug Cartels with weapons...weapons that were used in the slaughter of not only Mexicans, but in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. 

Now information is coming out that the gun shop from which the weapons were obtained was robbed. Either the ATF, under Holder's direction, broke into the Arizona gun store, Lone Wolf, or it advised the cartels to rob the store while they watched and basically supervised. The owner of Lone Wolf has stated under oath:

"The employees of Defendant United States either orchestrated the burglary to obtain even more weapons from Lone Wolf to place in the hands of wrong doers, or advised others as to the secret location inside Lone Wolf where the guns were stored for some other purpose."
Remember...the store was under heavy surveillance by the ATF. There is no way anyone could have robbed this store without them knowing about it. The owner is testifying that the ATF did it or they had the cartels do it. Whoever it was, the ATF, Holder specifically, is responsible. The guns were stolen with the sole purpose of handing them over to evil, blood-thirsty criminals who then used those guns to murder many innocent people, Brian Terry included.

Holder, like Obama, is nothing more than a criminal. They should both be locked up along with everyone who has had a hand in the lawlessness of this administration. The days of "I didn't know" have got to come to an end. The way Obama likes to throw people under the bus is going to backfire on him. And if he tries it with Holder, then Holder will in turn do the same to him. Things are heating up. The flames of hell are hungry and they are edging ever closer. My God is a consuming fire. You can either be warmed by it or destroyed by it. I am guessing that Obama and Holder aren't really feeling too cozy right now. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Obama...The Affirmative Action President

I have been called a racist more times than I can possibly count anymore. It is an old argument that only gets hurled when the other side is losing the argument. But the truth of the matter is, Obama is only president because he is black. That is the only reason the majority of blacks voted for him in the first place. It's the only reason he was chosen by the democrats as the democratic nominee. And it is the only reason he has not been impeached. So tell me....who are the racists exactly?

Nothing the man does is good for America and his first wookie is no help whatsoever. He has become toxic to his own base. Maybe not as toxic as he has always been for the rest of us, but he is becoming increasingly unpopular. I'm not going to go in to all the ways the idiot has destroyed this beloved nation...we all know what he has done, but I will say that his days of dick-tator...not a typo...are coming to an end.

As happens every time an employer is forced to hire a less qualified worker based solely on the color of their skin, there is remorse for having had to hire them in the first place. Affirmative action. Thanks really set the stage for this piece of dung to really screw us over. He isn't qualified to run a flea circus. 

Affirmative action. The ONLY reason Obama is in the position he is in.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Missing Malaysia Flight MH370 Was Hijacked After All

The International Business Times is reporting that 11 suspected terrorists with ties to Al Qaeda were recently arrested in Kuala Lumpur and the state of Kedah and have been under interrogation over suspicions of being involved int eh disappearance of the missing flight and all on board. An officer with the counter-terrorism Division of Malaysia stated that the arrests have heightened suspicion that the flight's disappearance was an act of terrorism.

After the plane went missing on March 8, 2014, several countries joined in the search for wreckage to no avail. Nothing was ever found, leading those with common sense to believe that the plane was hijacked by terrorists. Even a Russian newspaper claimed that flight MH370 was hijacked and landed in Afghanistan where passengers were being held hostage. The following from International Business Times:  

In interviews with the suspected terrorists conducted thus far, some have reportedly admitted to planning "sustained terror campaigns" throughout Malaysia, the paper said. However, all have so far denied being involved in the disappearance of the airliner.

During the trial of Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, a British-born Muslim from Gloucester called Saajid Badat claimed he had been instructed to give a shoe bomb to the Malaysians.

"I gave one of my shoes to the Malaysians. I think it was to access the cockpit," he said.

More speculation ahead

Badat, who spoke via video link and is in hiding in the United Kingdom, told a U.S. federal district court in New York that the Malaysian plot was being masterminded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the principal architect of 9/11.

Earlier, Malaysian investigators were examining the possibility that the plane's pilot, Zaharie Ahmed Shah, who had set up an elaborate flight simulator in his home, "deliberately" redirected his aircraft off its Beijing-bound course.

Reports following the plane's disappearance said Shah was a fanatical supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, head of the People's Justice Party, the opposition political party which has been the primary source of agitation of the United Malays National Organization, which has ruled the country for more than a half-century.

The latest reports of possible terrorist involvement in the flight's disappearance will further fuel speculation that the passengers may have been held captive by a terrorist organization, IBT reported.

I do not think we have heard the last from this plane. And if the passengers are still alive, it would not surprise me if ISIS started posting videos of them without their heads. All while (P)resident do nothing but golf and fundraise quakes in his golf shoes at the thought of having to get tough with his people.

Keep your eyes open. The ride isn't over yet.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why Obama Says ISIL And Not ISIS

Every time this "man" speaks about ISIS, he chooses to call the terrorist group ISIL. I was watching Fox news and I can't remember who said it and I really don't care, but one of the contributors said that the reason Obama says ISIL and not ISIS is because of his failed policy on Syria. He doesn't want to remind people about the Syria debacle so he calls it ISIL, which is the same thing. 

That's not true. And I remember thinking that Obama could give a rats hairy behind about reminding people of any of his failures. He just lies and says he never did what he is "accused" of anyway so why run from it when you can lie about it?

So what is the difference between ISIS and ISIL? Well, ISIS stands for the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria. ISIL stands for the Islamic States of Iraq and the Levant. Hmmm....what is the Levant? It is a geographical region that encompasses the Eastern Mediterranean. It includes Cypress, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and part of Southern Turkey. So tell me when did Israel become an Islamic state? Further study of the word Levant brings to light that the original meaning of the word, when introduced to the English language in 1497, is in Islam rising. 

So when Obama says ISIL, make no mistake that he is saying that Islam is rising and he is slapping Israel in the face with every utterance. This man makes no mistakes when it comes to his beloved Islam. He knows more history concerning Mohamed then he does anything American. 

Even ISIS themselves call themselves ISIS. But not Obama who continues to say ISIL. He knows exactly what he is saying and it is no mistake. The man is diabolically evil and unequivocally Muslim. He keeps telling us who and what he is. The left continues to worship at the base of the altar they put him on. But those of us on the right know. And we are not fooled by his thinly veiled deceptions. It apparently doesn't take much to fool a liberal.

Oh and by the way...I heard that Mohammed was gang raped by a bunch of wild pigs and that Stanley Ann ate bacon while she was virgins for either of them I guess.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

ISIS Could Be Good For Capitalism

I know it has been a while since I posted anything. I am so sorry for that but I have been busier than a....well, I've just been incredibly busy. So much has been happening. The world is on fire and O'blamebush cares only about surprise there. He has never been a leader so it is ludicrous to expect him to be one now. He told us exactly where his loyalties lie before he was ever elected. Well, the political winds have definitely shifted in a very ugly direction and true to his word, Barry has stood with the Muslims on every front. So how exactly could Americans use ISIS to promote capitalism and the free world?

It's really quite simple. Capitalism has always been about a free market. A means to which a private individual can open a business, choose what he wishes to sell, set the price for that item and roll the dice on whether or not he succeeds or fails. Supply and demand. Business owners create jobs and provide the public with a product or service and hopefully in the process, make money, which usually is put back into the business to grow it, thereby creating more jobs and providing more goods and services. It's a very easy concept really. And one the left loves to hate. They enjoy using their apple products to complain about capitalism on the internet.

So ISIS and capitalism. It would seem to me that there are a lot of blue collar, southern ingenuity types out there who are out of work or struggling to get by. Welcome to Obama's economy. I have a solution for that. If we were to put a bounty on terrorists, I can guarantee you that not only would the terrorists be wiped out, but the economy would greatly improve. $50.00 for every terrorist dead would equal no more terrorists and the pockets of Americans lined with cash, which they will pump right back into the economy. Two birds with one stone.

I would hunt terrorists. Would you?