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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Holder Fast And Furiously Resigning...Bombshell Report

A few days ago, we all woke up to the wonderful news that  Attorney General Eric Holder was stepping down. Great! Fantastic! Wait...Why??? Because the judge ruled that there were to be no more delays. The documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious are to be handed over IMMEDIATELY! Not only will the documents show the hand Holder played in supplying Mexican Drug Cartels with weapons...weapons that were used in the slaughter of not only Mexicans, but in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. 

Now information is coming out that the gun shop from which the weapons were obtained was robbed. Either the ATF, under Holder's direction, broke into the Arizona gun store, Lone Wolf, or it advised the cartels to rob the store while they watched and basically supervised. The owner of Lone Wolf has stated under oath:

"The employees of Defendant United States either orchestrated the burglary to obtain even more weapons from Lone Wolf to place in the hands of wrong doers, or advised others as to the secret location inside Lone Wolf where the guns were stored for some other purpose."
Remember...the store was under heavy surveillance by the ATF. There is no way anyone could have robbed this store without them knowing about it. The owner is testifying that the ATF did it or they had the cartels do it. Whoever it was, the ATF, Holder specifically, is responsible. The guns were stolen with the sole purpose of handing them over to evil, blood-thirsty criminals who then used those guns to murder many innocent people, Brian Terry included.

Holder, like Obama, is nothing more than a criminal. They should both be locked up along with everyone who has had a hand in the lawlessness of this administration. The days of "I didn't know" have got to come to an end. The way Obama likes to throw people under the bus is going to backfire on him. And if he tries it with Holder, then Holder will in turn do the same to him. Things are heating up. The flames of hell are hungry and they are edging ever closer. My God is a consuming fire. You can either be warmed by it or destroyed by it. I am guessing that Obama and Holder aren't really feeling too cozy right now. 


  1. When people got excited about Holder stepping down I in my usual optimism asked why? The Obama regime is a organized crime syndicate ( the whole democrat party for that matter). Thinking we are going to get reform or justice by a new AG is like getting excited that that Silvio Dante is being replaced by Paulie Walnuts as consigliere and thinking it will be an improvement.

  2. And I still don't think my mullet is ever making a comeback.