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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Speaking Ill Of The Dead

Beau Biden

We've all heard the saying, "Don't speak ill of the dead." I challenge that. Why are we not supposed to speak ill of the dead? Because they can no longer defend themselves? Okay, but if that person was corrupt and they only ever lied their way out of any situation, then you can rest assured that if they were still with us, they would continue said lies. If Obama ever bites it, you can bet that I will STILL speak ill about the man. Just because someone dies, doesn't mean that their actions while living suddenly stop affecting people. Hitler has been dead for a long time yet the lives of those Jews who survived have been forever changed. Screw Hitler. Speaking ill of the dead.

As far as Beau Biden goes, he was no angel. In fact, the rotten apples never fall to far from the rotten trees. Do you recall the name Larry Sinclair? Refresh yourself here. Obama is gay and Larry Sinclair called him out on it. He even wrote a book called  

It's about 10 bucks but worth the time to read. Sinclair, who currently resides in Duluth, Minnesota, alleges that he had sex with and snorted cocaine with Barack Obama in Chicago on two occasions, November 6th and 7th of 1999.  To be fair, Sinclair is no angel himself. As far back as 1986, he has been in trouble with the law and had been in and out of prison. He is an openly gay man who had his share of drinking, drugs and casual sex. I hold no respect for Sinclair. But neither do I for Obama. Only the truth holds my attention.

In 2004, Sinclair was living in Mexico and was watching the Democratic National Convention when Obama came on to give a speech. Sinclair recognized his "butty". (I did not misspell "buddy") Here is the story from Sinclair:

He is in the Chicago area, and he wants to have a good time. He hires a limo driver working for a company called Five Star limousine service, and he directs the driver to take him to hot spots for action. The driver takes Sinclair around town, eventually dropping him off at or close to a gay bar. Knowing that Sinclair is hot for action, the limo driver contacts someone. That someone is Senator Barack Obama (but not a senator at the time of course). Once introduced--and Obama used his actual name according to Sinclair--Obama and Sinclair engaged in little more than routine small talk. All Sinclair remembers about Obama was that he was in local "public service," and Sinclair pursued it no further.
Sinclair asked Obama if he could get him drugs, and he said yes. Obama made a phone call on his cell phone, and the limo driver took them to an unspecified location, presumably so that Obama could pick up the drugs. Sinclair gave Obama $200. Obama exited the vehicle, was gone for a short while, and then returned. Obama had acquired cocaine for Sinclair, of which he snorted a few lines in the limo, while Obama pulled a pipe out of his pocket and smoked crack cocaine. While the drug activity was going on Sinclair gave Obama oral sex. This all happened on the night of Nov. 6.
After finishing the limo driver took Sinclair back to his hotel and dropped him off. The next day or evening--the time is unclear according to Sinclair's story--Obama unexpectedly showed up at Sinclair's hotel room. Whether or not they did drugs together again I am not sure. But Sinclair does claim that he once again gave Obama oral sex.
Even still, Sinclair didn't think much of seeing Obama on TV. It wasn't until 2007 when Obama was running for President that Sinclair decided to talk. See, Obama had claimed in his two autobiographies as well as through the media, that while he had experimented with drugs in his youth, that drug use had ended when he was in college. Sinclair knew this was a lie. Obama was passing himself off as the savior to the world. He was going to slow the rise of the ocean and heal the planet for goodness sake! Obama talked a really good game but Sinclair knew he was not being truthful. Here's the thing: Many of us knew Obama was a lying waste of a skin sack, and we didn't need to blow him or coke to know it. Just sayin'. Regardless, Sinclair set out to set the record straight.

In the latter part of 2007, Sinclair began contacting the Obama campaign to ask them to publicly correct Senator Obama's claim concerning his drug use. He was hopeful that Obama would acknowledge that his drug use ended later than he claimed in Audacity of Hope. (Keep in mind that this is the mindset of those who got Obama elected. Not the brightest by far). Unsurprisingly, there were never any acknowledgments from the Obama camp. At some point, however, Sinclair began receiving texts and calls to his cell phone from someone calling himself "Mr. Young". At first, Sinclair thought Mr. Young was someone from Obama's campaign. But then Mr. Young asked if Sinclair had said anything about the sexual encounters with Obama. This raised red flags for Sinclair because in his communication with the Obama campaign, he had never mentioned a single word about having sex with Obama, only ever asking for clarification concerning the drug use.

Long part of the story short, Mr. Young was not with the Obama campaign. He was another gay male who claimed to have had sex with Obama as well. The last communication Sinclair had with Young consisted of Young telling him that Obama would make no acknowledgment or correction concerning Sinclair's claim of drug use and that he (Young) was being used to milk Sinclair for information, specifically who else Sinclair might have told about his sexual encounters with Obama.

On December 24th, 2007, Donald Young was murdered execution style in his apartment. The connection to Obama? Reverend Wright, the inflammatory black preacher that Obama listened to for more than 20 years. Sinclair provided a sworn statement to the Chicago PD regarding his conversations with Young. The murder remains unsolved. Young and another black male who was also killed execution style were also members of that same church. As a side note, there have been many others killed as a result of Obama's deception. Read about those here.

From here, Sinclair took to YouTube and spoke of his encounters with Obama. A little later a website known as headed by Don Parisi, offered Sinclair $10,000 to take a polygraph and $100,000 if he passed it. The thing is, was a former porn site that had recently gotten into political commentary. After taking the polygraph and collecting his 10k, Sinclair was informed that the "expert" hired to administer and interpret the polygraph, one Ed Gelb, found that he (Sinclair) was "deceptive" on the questions concerning the drug use and sex with Obama. The problem? Gelb had a phony Ph.D and the results of the polygraph were never made available to other experts as had been promised.

Sinclair had been taken for a paltry 10 grand. Not long after, rumors began to swirl that someone from the Obama campaign had paid Gelb $750,000 to say Sinclair had lied. What is truth? Who knows at this point but one thing is clear. The "failed" lie detector has stuck to Sinclair like glue.

Shortly after this fiasco, Sinclair was arrested on a fugitive warrant from the State of Delaware after completing a press conference in D.C. This warrant came from a sealed grand jury indictment orchestrated by the attorney general of Delaware, Beau Biden, the son of Obama's pick for V.P. In late August of 2008, all charges against Sinclair were dropped, but the message had been sent.

The younger Biden, Hunter, is not exempt from the rotteness. These characters are all entwined. Obama, Jarrett, Rezco, Blogovich....on and on the chorus goes. Obama was elected because of a well oiled and well maintained machine of deception. Chicago politics. 

My advice to my fellow Patriots? Either drink the tea and pay the tax or throw it in the damned harbor and make a stand. Your forefathers would have already begun the revolution and had it wrapped up by now.


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