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My Reading List

Here I will post the books I have or am reading that I feel should be shared. Knowledge is power. I will try to find the cheapest price and link to them. Happy Reading!

Here is an e-Book I like. It gives a lot tips on how to survive a food crisis including how to grow a renewable garden. I really like this one and it's only 9.95 and since it's an e-Book, there is no shipping and you get it instantly. Click here for Survive Any Food Crisis.

 Here is a great deal. You get 4 books for 19.95. You can compare The Key Differences Between A Democracy And A Republic, Uncover Trojan Horses Being Used In American Society Today To Destabilize Free Enterprise And Promote Socialism And What Legal Safeguards The Founding Fathers Placed In The U.s. Click here for Call To Duty.

 This is a phenomenal book by Dr. Ben Carson. I am still reading this one but it is definitely worth a read. I highly recommend this one. I found it on Amazon for 7.49. Click here for America The Beautiful.


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